About Nina Construction & Decoration

Since its establishment in 2015 by experienced architecture and interior design, contracting and engineering partners who have engaged in the construction and renovation markets of Yangon and some large cities in Myanmar for several years, Nina has emerged as a fresh branding in the industry and has provided quality personalized services to its customers with successful deliveries of residential and commercial projects.

Our Management team has a group of personal who are accredited with design and fit-out experience in all design aspects or under any circumstances and challenges. We are also proud of our staffs and contracting partners with their workmanship and dedication to work to meet our project deadlines.

Our Mission Statements
On time and On Budgets with a Distinctive Quality Care

Our Commitments

We strive and commit to provide complete solution, creative design, excellent services, and quality finishing works to our clients through the project timeline, ensuring their vision is delivered to meet their expectations on time and on budget.

We are also committed to forging long-term partnerships with our clients, creating robust, flexible solutions which will address the changing needs of their business’s future.